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Dockyard And engineering works (DEW) Ltd is used to be recognized as one of the premier ship building industries in Bangladesh since its establishment in 1926. The glorious past, impressive growth and business performance of dew gives me great pride.

However, due to the recurrent losses in the part, the government of Bangladesh decided to hand over the industry to Bangladesh Navy (BN). BN accepted the challenge and started running it commercially in 2006 with its professional competence. Today, I can proudly endorse that, the effort, planning and hard work of DEW management, officers and other members have made this yard a profitable organization within shortest period. At this favorable moment, on behalf of the DEW Board, I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her prudent vision and relentless support, which has turned this organization as one of the leading shipyards in Bangladesh.

As the Chairman of the BOD of DEW, I am pleased to say that the DEW Board is now delivering on a growth plan that seeks to push the company to a completely new level of business performance. I hope that this plan will enhance thevalue and contribute to the socio-economic growth and development of Bangladesh. I am convinced that its continued efforts to raise the bar of excellence will attract global attention to the rapidly growing maritime industry in the region. Impressive achievement in the recent past speak highly of commitment, dedication and hard work of the entire workforce of DEW.

I wish a grand success of this shipyard. May the Almighty Allah bestow His divine blessings in all our endeavors.